Since 1998, LAMALIF DIFFUSION has been actively involved in the development of cities and territories in Morocco , it has forged considerable experience and real expertise to be closer to the ambitions of its customers and users of public space by ensuring high caliber services, this expertise is reflected in each areas of intervention.

We offer to the professionals in public spaces planning an innovative program of street furniture, as well as optimal and efficient lighting solutions, to meet the needs of users and build the SMART CITY of tomorrow

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The development of urban life has led to an increase in quality requirements for safety, comfort, environmental protection and budget discipline. Today in the world, the urban has become the essential living environment where the activities and aspirations of a majority of humans are unfolding.

Urban planning must be constantly moving to meet the changing rhythms of modern life. The city’s development strategy is now becoming a real urban issue: a well-developed city satisfies the city-dwellers, creates and acts as a promotional factor, by participating in sustainable development.

It is therefore essential to prepare the conditions for a harmonious development, reconciling the preservation of a unique heritage and a certain modernity, ensuring its inhabitants a quality of life and an economic development.