New Traffic Plan

Starting Saturday, May 6, the new traffic plan of downtown Casablanca changes. From now on, the tour of the hyper-center will be in one direction. The loop is bounded by boulevards Lalla Yacout, Paris, Bordeaux, Moulay Youssef, Algiers, Moulay Hassan I, Rachidi, Mers Sultan and Rahal Meskini. The changes made concern mainly the direction of […]

Corniche of Tangier

On August 16, 2017, a mini-report broadcast in the 12:45 Newspaper of the 2M channel was devoted to the project of development of the Corniche of Tangier. Being a major player in the realization of this project, Lamalif Diffusion has installed more than 1,000 light points without counting the lighting towers. Our company has also […]

Urban planning in Morocco

Led by the Phosboucraa Foundation, a certifying professional training for architects and urban development actors in the three southern regions of the Kingdom, was held from January 26 to 31 in Laayoune, a first to be reissued. This training was carried out under the auspices of Paris Sorbonne University and with the support of the […]