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Public lighting

“For an intelligently lit city”

The lighting installations of a city are an integral part of the urban landscape, making it possible to prolong civic activity during the night and to walk comfortably in an illuminated city, day and night.

The night image of a city shows its own identity essentially: its architecture, its history, its neighborhoods while offering a sense of security, comfort and convenience.

In this sense, LAMALIF DIFFUSION provides a night image of the city that seeks a balance between the functional order and the aesthetic order, incorporating new lighting technologies, such as LED technology, but also new solutions. that allow us to move to a smart city, in the streets, avenues and squares, and in the lighting of buildings or singular elements.

The aim is to go further and adapt lighting to the urban reality of today’s city by optimizing energy consumption and improving the quality of public spaces, always taking into account the regulatory framework on energy efficiency.